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April 1, 2024

Dear Friends and Sponsors of Teach Feed Love,

God is good, all the time. Our students are thriving in their schools this year.

We visited many schools in March and were as happy to see the children, as they were to see us. They always welcome us with hugs and smiles. I love to hear them reciting Psalms, John 3:16 and other verses. They know songs in Creole, French, Spanish and even English.

We had three teams this March. The first was Calvary Academy from Lakewood, NJ. The senior class has been coming to the DR for their mission trip since 1996! This year their big project was to paint the new school in El Pino inside and out. What a difference that made! They brought a special offering that helped us buy the school a refrigerator, more tables, kitchen supplies and a desk for the pastor’s office. We had the inauguration on March 17, with songs and dances from the students and special messages.

Calvary and the next group, Iowa Christian Church, helped paint the parsonage for Pastor Frantz’s family in Barranca, and they moved right in. They are SO HAPPY! The Iowa group also started on the parsonage for Pastor Alex in Sabaneta. He and his wife and 3 children have been living in one of the classrooms for 3 years! We are praying for more funds to continue the project.

The third group came with Doug and Chris Wilson, who were missionaries with us for 8 years. Their project was to build 3 bookshelves for the schools that need them the most. They taught Bible lessons in 3 schools, and we were able to finish the Convoy of Hope measurements for all the schools around La Vega. They also gave worship dance lessons! All three groups gave out bags of food in poor villages, sharing tracts and New Testaments and praying for people. It’s a way to see how the people live, and sometimes it’s heartbreaking.

This is our second attempt to write letters to the sponsors. Some of the students have moved back to Haiti, another area in the DR, or on to public school. Not all the students could participate. So, if you don’t get a letter this time around, please be patient! We appreciate your love and prayers as well as your financial support.

Please pray that the Lord would send more laborers into the fields! We need more missionaries to come alongside and help us. We need English teachers at La Vega Christian school. We also need more sponsors for our students. Thank you.

Your missionaries,

Debbie and Mitch Martinez

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