Dear Sponsors,

Greetings from the Dominican Republic! I have lots of photos to share with you this month.

We had a fantastic team of 12 from Greater Life Church, NC in June. We ministered at La Vega Christian School, a final chapel for the elementary students, and also in five Haitian schools. Perhaps the most significant moment was when we visited a very poor Haitian family that has 4 children enrolled in the Rancho Viejo school. Carolina, the sponsor from North Carolina, wanted to meet her student and take her a present. We were all reminded how blessed we are, and how needy others are.

Last week we had the Timberline Student Ministries team of 19 here from Colorado. They helped us with the end of the year parties for the Haitian schools. We had worship, fun songs, a Bible lesson, presentations from the schools, then time for basketball, soccer, chalk drawing, coloring and the parachute. Last of all, a tasty meal. Rice and beans, chicken and salad for those who came in the morning, and pizza for the afternoon schools. They loved it!  This is a highlight of the year for the students and the teachers, and for us, too. I met one boy, now 14, who was 6 when he started school. He had such a cute personality, I fell in love with Haitian children! It is good to know he is still in school. We took pictures of the kids from Rancho Viejo and Villa Tapia, so that they can have sponsors. Thank God we now have 125 students sponsored! But there are over 800 students. Help us pray and find more sponsors, please!

We received word that a church in South Carolina sent us an offering of $5,000 to help with the new school building in El Pino. They also gave us a challenge, to raise $5,000 more, which they will match. So far we have received $1,000 toward this challenge. Would you consider making an extra donation to help us get this school built by September? Please send me a note that it is for the El Pino project. The new team from Colorado is working on it this week. Watch the video below for more on the challenge:


Thank you for your many prayers on our behalf. Sadly, our friend Pastor Juan Ortiz passed away after an extended hospital stay. His health declined after he had Covid two years ago. Prayers are appreciated for his grieving family.

Remember your tax-deductible donations can be sent using your bank information or credit card at the giving page for Teach Feed Love here. Some of you donate to TMCI, thank you. For those who like to write a check, please make it out to TeachFeedLove and send it to Teach Feed love c/oTMCI, PO BOX 1761, Columbia, SC 29202. I also receive payments through Zelle at I have noticed that some people signed up to be sponsors, but haven’t started sending their donations in yet. Please help us during the summer months so that we can pay the teachers. They depend on their small stipend.

I hope you can feel some of the joy of the children in the photos below. Thank you for helping us teach, feed and love these precious children, in Jesus name. Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed. God bless you.

In Christ,

Debbie and Mitch Martinez and the Teach Feed Love team

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